Dear Hocam,

Annual membership fee is required by our By-laws. As decided by the 1st General Assembly held on December 9th, 2017; OAAC annual membership fee is currently CAD$ 25/member. Please note also that the General Assembly left it at the members’ discretion to add to this any amount of donation they see appropriate: All donations will be added to our Bursary pool and awarded to selected worthy ODTU students in need of financial support.

Members can choose the most convenient of the following options to pay their annual membership fees:

  1. Paypal or Debit/Credit Card Payment:

Please follow the following link to our membership system. Note that system transaction fee is additional $1.06 per member. Payments through our membership software will get an automatic confirmation e-mail.


           If you had registered your OAAC membership before, please use that e-mail address while paying your fee. 

  1. If you would like to make an additional donation for our Bursary fund, please add that amount to the "Additonal donation" box.

  2. If you have any special notes, please specify in the related area.

  3. If you are paying on behalf of multiple members, please pay for each member separately.


  1. E-transfer:

You can e-transfer the membership fee and the additional donation to by including your full name (the name of members that you are paying on behalf of, if any) and password in a separate e-mail to the same address.


  1. Cheque:

You can send your cheques to OAAC’s address below, mention the name of members and the additional donation amount,         if any.



39 York Ridge Road, Toronto, Ontario M2P 1R8.


(Please note: OAAC cannot be held responsible for any delays in the transfers and losses in the mail.)


Thank you for your sincere support!

Together, we are even stronger and we can change the world!