A. To create and maintain a platform of dialogue among ODTU graduates living in Canada as well as interaction between ODTU and the ODTU graduates living in Canada.

B. To enhance ODTU corporate reputation by publicizing the scientific and academic achievements of ODTU as well as individual success stories of its graduates.

C. Informing ODTU graduates living in Canada of the news and matters relating to ODTU and its graduates elsewhere in the world.

D. Support and help groups or individuals organizing events to promote the reputation of ODTU and hence creating wider interest in ODTU as a world-renown institution of higher education.

E. To raise funds with support of its own members for 1) OAAC activities described in the constitution and/or by-laws 2) Contributing to scholarship funds administered by ODTU.

F. Carry out activities to raise awareness regarding the contributions of the ODTU graduates living in Canada to Canada.

We, the ODTU community;

  • Accept no boundaries, nor restrictions.
  • Think freely and express our thoughts freely.
  • Have the ODTU culture that drives us all to succeed and make a difference.
  • Are never content with the available knowledge.
  • Question, investigate and create new knowledge; apply it, and share it.
  • Do not see our responsibility limited to our immediate surroundings.
  • Involve ourselves in the issues of our country and the world; seek solutions.

Such is the ODTU spirit.

  • Some call this spirit ‘idealist’ , some call it ‘revolutionary’.
  • We see it as the essence of being a member of ODTU community.

It is with this spirit that, starting with our immediate surroundings, we believe, together we can change the world.