Since incorporation, ODTU Alumni Association of Canada has been raising funds for OAAC Bursary Fund to support successful ODTU
students who need financial aid. Currently we support 14 successful ODTU students. We hope to increase our support with your kind donations.

Thank you all for being part of this worthy cause!

Bursary Process

We have established an organic relationship with ODTUMIST (ODTU Mezunlar Derneği Istanbul) and we are leveraging their existing process in the selection and payment of the candidate bursaries. 

Students apply to ODTU for bursary and ODTU reviews the candidates and determines the eligible list of candidates. Candidates designated by ODTU are reviewed and interviewed by the ODTÜMİST Bursary Committee. Names of qualifying students are shared by the ODTÜMİST with OAAC and following a brief correspondence with those students, OAAC Board picks the bursary recipients. 

OAAC transfers the amount of annual bursary set by ODTUMİST and are paid monthly in Turkish lira. ODTUMIST shares monthly statement of the bursary payments and GPA/CGPA of the our bursary receipients.